The Non Fungiblez

Left: The Non Fungiblez NFT. Right: Mellow Dogs NFT
  • Airdropped assets that driven community collaboration and engagement
  • MCU style lore-rich universe with airdrops, discounted mints, and WL
  • Special access to future projects under the Non Fungiverse umbrella
  • Already own dedicated land in Sandbox
  • Community-driven creator’s fund to build in-universe
  • Future-proofed for media creation and merchandise
See full roadmap linked below
  • 3/5/22 5pm EST
  • Claim 10 FREE Mints: 0 ETH (+gas)
  • Claim 11 Mints: 0.02 ETH (+gas)
  • Claim 15 Mints: 0.1 ETH (+gas)
  • Claim 20 Mints: 0.2 ETH (+gas)
  • 3/5/22 7pm EST
  • 1–20 Mints per Transaction: 0.02 ETH (+gas)



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Non Fungible Dad (NFD)

Non Fungible Dad (NFD)


Founder of MetaMart & The Non Fungiblez | AKA - NonFungibleDad | Here to share my vision and build a solid community 💛